Looking to bid fairwell to your home? I can help.

The benefit of working with an expert who specializes in your area is having someone on your side who knows the market inside and out. 

My top priority is to use that knowledge and experience to make sure you get the highest possible price for your home in the shortest period of time. Selling doesn’t have to be stressful. Have someone in your corner who loves the process and cares about your best interests.

Selling Guide

When selling your home, there are 6 main steps to follow:

1. Find the Right Agent

My industry knowledge, smart negotiating skills and professional experience will ease the selling process.

2. Establish Listing Price

I will conduct an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help price your property right.

3. Preparation & Marketing

When selling your home, first impressions are key. My detailed staging guide will ensure your house is list ready.

4. Showings

I will take care of scheduling and getting buyers through the door. Your job is to keep the house clean and tidy.

5. Offers & Negotiations

When an offer is received, you will be able to accept the offer, counter or reject the offer. I will be here to help.

6. Final Details & Closing

Once an offer is accepted and conditions met, it is time to prepare for closing with my assistance.

Receive full access to my comprehensive SELLER Guide by leaving your contact information below.

Seller Guide


When looking to downsize yourself or transition a family member to more a suitable living space, I am here to help.

I understand the process of downsizing can be overwhelming and often emotional. I will assist with property valuations, listing preparation, decluttering and staging. My services include coordinating your move as needed, offering recommendations for professional services, and providing community resources. 


I understand you may not have a long period to sell your home due to limited relocation timeframes set by the HHT. 

Because of the complications associated with moving door-to-door, it pays to use a trusted Realtor® who can help with a broader variety of services. As a certified Brookfield relocation specialist, I will assist with the necessary planning and arrangements to complete your relocation successfully and on time. 

Every Step of the Way

From our first meeting to time of closing, I will be here to assist through every step of the selling process. Together, we will work toward an efficient and stress-free selling experience.